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Ever regretted sending message on Skype? Ever sent your dear ones an angry message on the spur of the moment or maybe sent a message with an embarrassing typo that completely changes its meaning? Even if the answer is yes, there is no need to worry!

Everyone has regretted a chat sent message on Skype at least once in their life and wanted to turn back time.

If not the time, Skype gives you the opportunity to fix your mistakes with the option to Edit or Remove messages. This allows sender to modify, edit, delete or remove the message that has already been sent to the recipients in a text conversation.

Don’t worry this is possible and if you are lucky enough, the recipient will not read the wrong message.

Let me offer you some instructions for editing or removing messages on Skype:

  • Click on the contact whom you have sent the message you wish to edit. All your contacts are listed in Skype’s left panel below your Skype name. This displays your recent conversations with this contact.

Slika 1

  • Scroll up if necessary to find the message you wish to edit.
  • Right-click the message in question. This brings up a list of options including “Remove Message” or “Edit Message” to delete or edit it respectively.

Slika 2

  • Click “Edit Message” from this list of options. Now you get a chance to modify or edit your sent text message. The message now appears in the box where you usually type new messages, located directly below your previous conversation. Edit the message until you are content with it and when done, hit “Enter.” Your edited message now replaces the previous one. If you edit a message, the newly posted message will be tagged as “Edited”, signifying that the sender has altered the message after it was initially posted.

Slika 3

  • If you choose the option “Remove Message”, Skype will ask you to confirm that you are sure about deleting the message.

Slika 4

The moment you remove a message, another text message will appear in its place saying that the posted message has been removed: “The message has been removed”.

Slika 5

If you want to remove or edit the message that you sent to an offline friend, reopen the message window or open the history window, find the message and follow the above method.

However, this Skype feature has some limitations:

  • There is a time limitation of 1 hour to edit or remove messages after sending them by mistake.
  • The sent messages that you remove will not be deleted completely but will just be hidden from view. Though the recipients will not be able to view the original content of the message, they will get a post message saying that the sender has deleted/ removed the message.
  • You can use this feature in the Skype 3.x version, but in the Skype 4.0 beta version is removed.

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