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Microsoft Word 2010

This article is a continuation of PART 1.

More likely you are going to come in here and go ahead and edit its source.


Now that you can add the source in, just as we did earlier and will put that information in for you. So place holders can be incredibly valuable if you do not have your sources yet listed. Once you have all your sources menu go ahead and delete the placeholder.

Once you have your sources in here you may want a manager sources and take a look at them. I have the placeholder but I can go ahead and delete that and I can see that I have the two sources in here. This source is not cited so it does not have a check mark next to it. if you want to add or delete sources to your list you can do that.


Now I am going to go to the end of the document where I already have it works citied in here. Now the work citied goes on the last page. I’ve put a page break in here and now I have my works cited.

I have made changes so I am going to choose to update by citations and bibliography.


Now that it’s updated I can see both entries. Once again I’m showing you what would happen if the work said it was already here, but let’s show you how to actually enter it. First delete the works cited and now I’m going to go ahead and enter them again. The way I would do this is on the blank page at the end of my document go to Bibliography and I can choose either the bibliography style or works cited style.


After choosing Bibliography it came in at the end of my document. Now let’s say the wave bibliography to have a different style. What I am going to do is change the color of my text to black. I’m also going to change my font to Times New Roman. Now below that I may also want to change-up the way the entries come in here. I’m going to go ahead to my paragraph region, click the paragraph button and put additional space after. Once I do the changes I want go back up and select the entire bibliography and save this election as a bibliography gallery item. What this will do is it will save this right here in this list and then if I want to create any other bibliographies that look like this it would be saved for future use.


I get the create new building block dialog box and I could choose to give it a name and I’m just going to call this professional bibliography and I want to save that in my bibliography gallery and then click ok.


Continue reading in PART 3 of this article.

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