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Microsoft Word 2010

Cropping refers to removing unwanted areas, details or objects from the image.

We use cropping mostly for these several reasons:

  • To remove an unwanted objects or details from a photo;
  • To emphasize a subject, or
  • To improve the overall composition.

This tutorial will show how to crop an image in Word 2010; how to crop an image to a shape and how to add a border to the picture.

How to Crop an Image in Word 2010?

If you want to remove any unwanted parts of the pictures, you have to use the Crop option.

1. After you insert the picture, you need to select it. The Format tab will appear

01 Format

2. Click on Crop in the Crop command

02 Crop


3. The black cropping handles appear around the picture

03 Black handles

4. You need to drag a handle to crop an image;

(Corner handles will allow you to simultaneously crop the image horizontally and vertically)

04 Cropping

5. When you are finished with cropping, click the Crop command to deselect the crop tool

05 Cropped picture

After completing these five steps, the picture will be cropped

How to Crop an Image to a Shape?

1. First, select the image. The Format tab will appear

2. Click on Crop command and then click Crop to Shape

06 Crop to Shape

3. Select the wanted Shape; (For example Explosion 1)

07 Explosion 14. The Image will be cropped in the selected Shape

08 Crroped to the shape

How to add a Border to a Picture?

1. First, you need to select the Picture

2. The Format tab will appear

3. Click on Picture Border command. The new menu will appear

4. Choose and select the wanted color; (For example, Dark Blue)

09 Picture Border5. You can choose the thickness of the border by using Weight command

10 Weight6. And also, you can choose different Dashes lines for the border by clicking on Dashes command; (For example: Square Dot)

11 DashesAfter completing these six steps, the picture will have the borders that you want.

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