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In this article we will guide you how to create tables in Microsoft Word 2010. Creating documents by Microsoft Word permits for the manipulation and presentation of writing and other data. Organization of information in your document can be done using Tables in Microsoft Word, consisted of rows and columns that form cells.

There are several reasons for using tables in Microsoft Word, such as: formatting the text, constituting your document and addition of aesthetic appeal to the article. Using tables in Microsoft Word, gives the opportunity to change your document from monotonous and chaotic to a well-organized, pure and simple writing. This guide offers certain elementary info about the design and use of tables in Microsoft Word.

Creating a Table:

There are several different methods you can use to create a tables in Microsoft Word:

1. Create a Table using the Insert Table button

  • Click on the Insert button in the Ribbon;   than
  • Click on the Table button and drag over the until you have selected the numbers of rows and columns you want.

01 Insert&Tableinfo

2. Create Table using the Insert Table Dialog

The best way for creating a more complex or large table in Microsoft Word is creating a table using the Insert Table Dialog box.

First, place your cursor where you wish to insert a table in your Word Document.

  • Click on the Insert button, then click on the Table and choose Insert Table.

02 Insert Table

  • When the Insert Table dialog box is opened, type in the number of rows and columns that you want.

03 Insert Table Dialog box

(Also you can input the necessary information in the Insert Table dialog box needed to create your table. AutoFit identifies the space that the table takes up as part of your document. If you choose the option ”Auto” for ”Fixed column width” for your primary table, it means that all the columns in the table will be set to the same quantity.)

  •  Enter all of your table options and click “OK”. After entering all of your table options, the table will be spontaneously putted it into your document.

3. Create Table using the Draw Table

(This method lets you create a table by drawing it freehand)

  • From the Ribbon, click on the Insert button, then click on the Table and choose Draw Table.

04 Draw Table

  • Place your cursor to the location in your document where you want to draw your table. For defining the width of the table, you need to click and drag the cursor to form the outer margin. For drawing the outer margin, you need to let go the mouse button. Then, the outer margin (border) will be created.

05 Drag to draw

  • Than, you can continue dragging in order to draw vertical lines to create columns, and horizontal lines to form rows. Continue to draw your table as you see fit.

Now that you have the initial table inserted into your Word document (either by using the “Insert Table button”; “Insert Table Dialog” or Insert Draw Table” method), you can begin to modify your table as needed.


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