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MSExcel 03

Creating a table in Microsoft Excel can help you to organize, analyze and calculate data. Here is a brief description how to create a simple table in Microsoft Excel. So at first we will focus on the “organize” part.

1. To begin with the creation of a table in Microsoft Excel, first enter the headings in the columns of the table

To enter a heading in a column, simply click the cell where you want your table to begin and type its name, for example Day, Year, Name, Department, Costs and etc. Continue entering the headings for the columns in the same row.

2. Entering data in each column

After you entered the headings in each column’s top cell, enter your data below the heading in each column. For example, if you are managing a one-week project, you want to have record of all the people that worked on that project for each day of the week. You then enter the days of the week as the headings of each column, so it would be seven columns. Under each heading/day, you enter the names of the people that were present and working on the project for that day.

You data should look something like this:

Now you have the data. The next step would be:

3. Creating borders for the table in Microsoft Excel and editing the text

For example, we want to differentiate the columns’ headings by bolding the text. Click on the “Monday” cell and drag the mouse pointer through to “Sunday”. You have selected the columns’ headings from A to F. Then, in the Home tab, click on the bolded letter B, which will bold all the text in the selected cells (or press Ctrl+B on your keyboard).











In the same menu, you can change the font or the font size, underline the letters, and make them appear in Italic style or change the text color.

After we edited the text, we want to put borders and mark out the table. There are couple ways to do this. One way is to select all the cells you want to put in borders, and then click the right mouse click, and on the right-click menu select Format Cells. A new menu will open with options to edit the look of your table in Microsoft Excel:


Under “Style” in the menu, select the line you want your table to be marked with. You can also determine the border color. Under “Border” in the menu, an example is shown where you can see how you table would look when you make the changes. Press “Outline” and this will put borders in the same manner that is shown on the “Outline” button. It will put lines on the horizontal and vertical edges of your selected cells. Press the “Inside” button and you’ll put horizontal and vertical lines inside the table.


If you want to remove the borders, click on the “None” button. The cells will again be unmarked with borders.

After you made the initial borders, your table in Microsoft Excel should look like this:

pict05If you want to change individual or multiple cells’ borders, simply select them, for example the first row of column headings, and in the same way like before – select the appropriate line style and mark the borders.


The table is finished. You made it!

This article covers basic data on how to create a table in Microsoft Excel. How to calculate data and make formulas inside a table is covered here.

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