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Microsoft Excel 2010

It only needs a little bit of imagination, and with Excel everything can be accomplished. Creating your own invoice template in Excel 2010 is very easy if you just follow these simple instructions that we have provided. The first step is to activate Excel 2010 by selecting the software from your Start menu.

When the software is activated, your screen should look like figure 1, which is presented below.


The next step is to click on the green button named File on the top left corner, and select the command New. After that Excel 2010 will give you a lot of possibilities to choose from. Our tutorial is for Invoice, so you should choose the Invoice template like it is presented on figure 2.


The next step  is to choose the right Invoice for your needs. Because there are many templates, we will start from the basivc Sales Invoice. As it is presented in this article, this is the easiest way to create your own Invoice template with your company’s information and logo for further use. You can arrange the Invoice as you like and customize the formulas that are implemented. At the beginning start with inserting your logo and company data inside the brackets.


The next step is to fill the invoice with the necessary data about the orders you will have. The Invoice generates the date by itself because in that field we have implemented the =TODAY()  function which gives the specific date from the system of the computer. The Invoice could be easily customized according your needs, like for example the Sales Person field can be a dropdown menu with the names of the employees, or the Customer ID field could also be a dropdown menu with multiple selections. This template also has formulas that calculate the total price. All you need to do is insert this formula: =IF(SUM(“row position”)>0,SUM((“row position”*”row position”)- “row position”),”") in every cell below the Line Total cell.


On figure 4 we have presented the bottom of the Invoice where you will need to implement just three formulas in the Total Discount, Subtotal and the Total cells, respectively. In the Total Discount cell you need to insert the following formula: =SUM(range of the cells). The same formula is used for the Subtotal cell, also. For the Total cell, inserting the formula: =SUM((SUBTOTAL CELL)*(SALES TAX CELL))+(SUBTOTAL CELL)) into the cell will be the final step in comleting your invoice. Keep in mind that you can also use Excel 2010 as a database for your products. You can also add a print button and print your invoice.

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