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Microsoft Word 2010

In order to create a table of contents Microsoft Word 2010 recognizes a style called Headings. The styles are listed underneath the Home tab and in the Styles section.


Microsoft Word 2010 has four default Headings and you can use anyone of them to create your Table of Contents.

First look at this already created Table of Contents in which there are several listings.


The first step of creating such a Table of Contents is to use different Headings for the different titles in the Table of Contents. For example, in the picture above you can see that for the first and second title, Heading 1 is used, and for the third title, Heading 2 is used and for the last one, Heading 3 is used. As you can see from the text Heading 2 and Heading 3 are indented a little bit further from Heading 1 and that is because when use a higher heading it is going to be indented further than the lower headings.

1. The first thing you need to do is to open a new Word document and then for the first listing in the Table of Contents use Heading 1 from the menu as we described before.


Note: After you type in a text and press Enter, you will see that Microsoft Word 2010 automatically returns the default to Normal style for regular typing.

2. After writing several titles, click on Heading 2 and type an additional one that will be with a different Heading 3.


3. Now go put your mouse pointer in front of the first letter of the first sentence in the text and hold Ctrl+Enter in order to create a new page in front of the text. This will be the page where we will create the Table of Contents.

4. Now click on the References tab and select Table of Contents. In this case we are going to select the Automatic Table 1.


Note: You can notice like in the beginning of this article, that the third one is indented further than the second and first Heading, while the fourth one is indented even further than the previous three.


Note: The higher the Heading you use, the more that is going to be indented.

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