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Microsoft Excel 2010

This article is a continuation of PART 2 of the article about creating a Speedometer Chart in a Microsoft Excel 2010.

After you have done all the steps from PART 1 of this article, what you need to do is first to add another series of data in order to form the slots for the dial labels. In order to do that just click the chart so it is highlighted and click on Source Data and then choose the Series button. After that click the Add button in order to create new series and select the C2:C13 range under the Values option. Then click on the Add button in order to add a third series that will create the arrow. Now select the E2:E5 range from the Values option.


Now you can notice that your Speedometer Chart is starting to look like something.


Select the third series and right click on them and select the Chart Type option. Here select the default pie chart option.


What you need to do next is to make the size of the chart you placed over the Doughnut Chart, smaller. To do this just select any section of the pie chart and just drag it outwards, which will make the chart quite smaller.


After doing this, select the pie and double click on it and select the Format Data Series button and then click on Options. Now change the angle of the first slice to be 90 degrees and right click on it. Now in the Format Data Series dialog box, click on the Patterns tab and select None as an option for the area and border for all the remaining slices with the exception of the third slice which you should fill it black.


In order to add a legend to the Speedometer Chart, what you need to do is to select the chart and right click and select the Chart Options tab and afterwards choose Labels. Now select a Legend Key. This step should give you a legend like on the picture below.


After finishing the Speedometer Chart, we need to create a scrollbar and link it to the chart. Just right click on the toolbar area in the top of the window and select Control Toolbox. Then select the scrollbar tool and draw it anywhere you like in the sheet.

Now select the scrollbar and right-click on it and choose the Properties options, which will pop up the Properties dialog box. Now choose the F3 cell and set the Maximum value to 100 and the Minimum to 0. Notice whether after finishing this step you got something that resembles the picture below.



Now when we are finished, if you want you can change the Speedometer Chart by clicking on any of the arrows or dragging the slide bar, which would also change the data in the Excel sheet.

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