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Microsoft Outlook 2010

You can schedule your activities in your Outlook Calendar. Your scheduled activities are your appointments or events. Every appointment can be designated as free, busy or tentative and in this manner you can let other users of Outlook know if you are available.

Creating an Appointment

  • Click on Calendar and then on the Home tab, in the New box select New Appointment. Also it can be done with clicking right mouse click on any calendar day and selecting New Appointment.

Or you can press Ctrl+Shift+A as a keyboard shortcut.

new appointment

  • Then in the Subject field write a description for the appointment.


  •  In the Location field enter the location of the appointment.
  • Select the appropriate Start and End times.

You can also instead, write specific phrases in the Start time and End time fields, such as Tomorrow, Today, Five days before Christmas, Six days after Tomorrow or holiday names.

If you want to let others know of your availability during the selected times, in the Appointment tab, Options box, select your availability from the dropdown box in the Show As field.

Show as

If you want this appointment to be continuous or recurring, click the Appointment tab, and in the Options box select Recurrence and select your dates or frequency and click on OK.

Each reminder for your appointments automatically shows up fifteen minutes before the actual start time. If you want to change this, click the Reminder dropdown field which is located under Options box and enter your desired time for reminding, or you can disable it by clicking None.

  • Click the Appointment tab, and in the Actions box select Save & Close.

save and close

If you want to change an existing appointment into recurring appointment, open the appointment you want to change, and on the Appointment tab in the Options box select Recurrence. Select your frequency, Yearly, Monthly, Weekly or Daily and select the frequency options. Then click Save & Close.

Invite Other People to Your Appointments

It is also possible to invite other people via e-mail to your appointments:

  • In the Appointment tab, Attendees box, click on Invite Attendees button. Your appointment panel will appear as in composing a message.

invite attendees

  • Set the Start and End times of your appointment.
  •  In the To field enter your invitees’ e-mail addresses.
  •  In the Subject field, enter the title of the message.
  •  In the Location field enter the location of the event.
  •  Write your message in the empty text field below.
  • Click Send.

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