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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

If you have and your team are working on several different presentations at one time and you want to merge them into one in order to see the differences and create one consolidated file.

1. In order to do this open one of the files and go to the Review tab and select the Compare button.


2. From the dialog box that will appear, open the file that you intend to compare the already opened presentation with and then click the Merge button.


Note: Each slide is then marked and has changed their details in the reviewing pane which will automatically show on the right side of the screen. As you can see there are several changes in comparison to the other presentation.


3. Now go to slide 1, and you can see on the right side of the screen the comments that have been added on the specific slide.


4. Now let’s use the accept and reject options. To go through the presentations and to choose which changes will be kept and which not, just click on any of the Slide Changes listed on the right side of the screen and then click the check boxes of those comments that you accept and leave unchecked those that you don’t accept.


Note: You can notice that as you are checking each box the text is being changed (the comment is accepted) and in that way the original file is being updated.

5. Once you have gone through all the comments and accepted those that you find fit, go back to the Review tab and click on the Edit Review button which will discard any unapplied changes and will return you to your original presentation.


5.1. After a window pops up, just click the Yes button.


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