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Microsoft Word 2010

When you create a document you set a default size such as 8,5 by 11, When you reach the end of a specified page in Microsoft Word it would insert an automatic Page Break.


Sometimes this Page Break occurs at places where you would rather not have them. For example an automatic Page Break for a single sentence on the next page or for the rest of the paragraph. You cannot delete automatic Page Breaks in Microsoft Word, instead you must insert a manual Page Break at a point in the page prior to the occurrence of the automatic Page Break. Inserting manual Page Breaks is not difficult.

1. Just in the document where you want the Page Break to occur. This of course should be before the automatic Page Break. Then press Ctrl+Enter or you can click on the Page Layout tab and in the Page Setup section click on the Breaks button. Now from the drop-down menu select Page.


Note: Notice that from the drop-down menu the most commonly used type of Break that occurs it is by no mince the only type of document Break available. Also, besides the most commonly break used, there are several other types of Breaks available like shown on the picture above:

  • Column
  • Text Wrapping

and we also have Section Breaks such as:

  • Next Page
  • Continuous
  • Even Page
  • Odd Page

You can select these different types of breaks if the need arises.

A Section Break is just like a Page Break, but it simply breaks the sections of your document. When you insert a Section Break, then you can set the Page Layout independently for each section. For example the Next Page Section Break allows you to change each section with a different page layout.

Note: If you select to view the non printing characters in a document that contains Page Break, you will see that the manual Page Break is identified by the word Page Break appearing in the center of a dashed line within the document.


2. You can easily delete this Page Break just like any other character. You need to click in the line containing the Page Break character and then press Delete from your keyboard.

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