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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

This article will show you how to add Hyperlinks when working in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. With Hyperlinks you can link part of your presentation to another slide within the same presentation, a separate PowerPoint presentation, a web site, an email address or another file like a Word document.

1. First we are going to link a part of my presentation to another slide later in the presentation. In this case we are going to add a Hyperlink to this picture. In order to do that we are going to click on the picture to highlight it and go and click on the Insert tab in the top left corner of the screen. 


Then click on the Hyperlink button.


Note: A dialog box will appear and on the left side of it you can notice that PowerPoint gives you four different options of linking:


2. In this case we are going to choose the second option – Place in the document, so simply click on it and then select the slide to which you want to link it with form the presented list.


3. At first glance it appears as nothing has changed, but in order to actually see the change click on the Slide Show button in the navigation bar and then select From Current Slide.


3.1. Now you will notice that when moving the mouse pointer over the picture, the arrow changes into a hand which means that there is a Hyperlink attached to it and if we click on it, it would lead us to another destination. Now to see if it works, just click on the picture and see whether it shifts you to the previously designated place.


4. Now let’s link a part of the presentation to another document. In order to do that go to the slide that you want to link and select the element that you want to link, click on the Insert tab again and select the Hyperlink button like in step 1, but now when the dialog box appears, select the Existing File or Web Page option and select the document that you want to link with.


5. In order to test it, follow step 3 and step 3.1. again.

Note: This time, after you click the element that is the object of linking instead of shifting you to another slide of the presentation, it would open the document with which you have made a link.

6. The last option of linking is to link a part of your presentation with a web page. You can do this by following the previous steps, but now when the dialog box appears add the URL in the Address box at the bottom of the box.


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