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Microsoft Word 2013

This article is about inserting and playing YouTube videos in your Word document without pasting a link that points to the video. This means that you can watch the video without leaving Word and without starting a new window for the internet browser. There are two ways of inserting YouTube videos. The first one enables you to search for the videos in the Word Insert Video Dialogue box and the second one provides inserting videos while they are watched on YouTube.

1. Inserting YouTube videos through Insert Video dialogue box

01 - Online video icon

First, select the Online Video Icon from the Insert Tab in the Word document.

02 - Insert video dialogue box

If you don’t have any YouTube option in the appeared dialogue box, you should sign in with your Microsoft Account.

Suppose you have already signed in, enter the title of the YouTube video clip in the YouTube search box and click the Search button.

03 - Selecting YouTube video

In the next dialogue box click once on the video you like to be inserted and click on the Insert Button in the bottom right area of the dialogue box. You can scroll the presented video clips with the scrollbar arrows on the right hand side in the window. Also, you can choose the Back to Sites Button for returning to the previous dialogue box, or you can enter another search parameters in the search box.

04 - Inserted video in document

After clicking the Insert Button, a screenshot from the selected video will appear in the Word document with squared Play Button in the middle of it. You can choose the Layout Options Icon and choose the way picture interacts with the text in the document.

Click on the Play Button if you like to play the video. Here you can choose from the YouTube video options. If you want to leave the video clip and get back to the Word document click anywhere in the document but away from the video.

2. Inserting videos that you watch on YouTube by inserting the embedded code. 

The second way is useful when you watch some video clip on www.youtube.com and you wish to be inserted in your Word document.

05 - Share tab

When you watch video clip on YouTube and you like to be inserted in the Word document, click on the Share Tab which is located under the watched video.

06 - Embed tab

Then, click on the Embed tab.

07 - Copying selected code

Next, make sure that embedded code is selected and press Ctrl + C to copy it.

08 - Online video icon (1)

Select the Online Video Icon from the Insert tab in the Word document.

09 - Past embedded code

Click in the “From a Video Embed Code” search box and press Ctrl + V to paste the code. Then click on the Insert button.

10 - Inserted video clip

After this, the video clip will be inserted in the Word document, but you must press the Play Button to watch the video.

If you like to get out of the video clip window and return to the Word document, click anywhere outside the video.

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