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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

If you want to learn how to format text boxes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, it would be of great help if you are already familiar with the functions of creating a text box in Microsoft Word 2010, since the different design options are essentially the same.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 offers two different types of text boxes. First if you select the button New Slide, you will see several of the options including placeholders. This is a box where you can enter shape, graph, text or a media file.


1. Now start typing a text into the box by placing the mouse pointer over the text where it says Click to add text.


Note: If you don’t want to have bullets just press the Backspace key on the keyboard and it would delete them.

2. The other kind of text boxes are the ones that you insert into a file, for example on a blank slide. Now click on the New Slide button in the slides section and choose Blank.


2.1. Now to create a box on this slide, just go up to the Insert tab and click the Text Box button.



2.2. Now to draw the box just hold on the left mouse button on any place in the slide and draw the size of the box that you prefer.


Note: No matter how big you have drawn your box to be it would shrink in order to fit one line of text. This would be the case until you type more.


2.3. Now just click on the box and start typing. You can also change the font size, colour and style by simply selecting the text in the box and clicking on any of the designated buttons, or you can do that by selecting the whole box in order to change all of the text. Here is an example on the picture below, where I changed the font and made it bold.


2.4. In order to change the line and character spacing of the text inside your box, just highlight the text you want to make the change on and then click on the downward arrow of the Paragraph section.


Then you will notice that a dialog box will appear. Here you can choose whether to Align your text Left, Centered, Right, Justified or Distributed. You can also choose the Indentation, Spacing and Line Spacing.


3.  In order to make design changes to any box just click the text inside the box and you can start using any of the presented options in the Drawing section. Now let’s add a fill colour to the Text Box by selecting the Quick Styles box in this section and choosing any of the presented options.


Note: Besides this you can individually manipulate any aspect of the Text Box with any of the buttons like Shape Fill, Shape Outline or Shape Effects.

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