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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

This article will show you how to format bulleted and numbered lists in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

1. You can customise bulleting or a number on a per paragraph basis by selecting the paragraph or paragraphs in your slide and then click on the Bullets symbol and once the downward arrow will appear select the Bullets and Numbering option.


Note: Now the Bullets and Numbering dialog box will appear on your screen, Here you can browse and see the different bullets and numbering that are available in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.


2. Now click on any of the listed bullets in the dialog box and you can either click on the Picture button if you want to insert a picture as a bullet, or in this case we will click on the Customize button where you can select from a variety of symbols to insert as a bullet.


3. Now once you have selected the symbol that you like your bullets to be, in the previous dialog box we can select what percentage of the size of the adjacent text we want the bullet to be by using the size spinner. Afterwards you can set the colour of the bullet by clicking on the Colour button and finally click the OK button once you are finished.


4. Now if you want to insert a picture bullet instead of a symbol bullet, repeat step 1 and 2 till the point where in the dialog box you have to click on the Picture button.


4.1. Now, once in the Picture Bullet dialog box, select any of the pictures listed and click OK. That will close both your dialog boxes and apply your picture as a bullet in your slide.


5. In order to format the numbered list just repeat the same process again in the Numbered tab.

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