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Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 gives you a variety of tools for editing text. The simplest of all is of course deleting the text you don’t need, but there are also tools that you can use to move text from one place to another in your document. You can copy a text and place it in a separate document. These tools are:

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste

When you copy a text an exact duplicate of the text is place on a Clipboard, while the original text stays.

When you cut text the selected text is removed from your document and placed on a Clipboard. Once the text is placed on the Clipboard, either by copying it or cutting it, you can then paste the text on a different location or in a different document.

Microsoft Word 2010 gives you three different ways to perform  editing text (Cut, Copy or Paste).

  • You can use the Clipboard Buttons.


  • You can use the buttons available on the ribbon when you click the Home tab.


  • You can use the three keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know:
    • Copy = Ctrl+ C
    • Cut = Ctrl + X
    • Pate = Ctrl + V

In order to begin practicing all of the above do the following things.

1. Open a document with a text and select it. For example here we have several paragraphs and we are selecting the second one together with the space after it.


2. Now in order to cut the text click on the Cut button (with scissors symbol) that is on the left upper corner of the window.


3. Now the selected text is cut. Let’s move the cursor before the first paragraph and press the Paste button (with a clip hanger symbol) that is on the left upper corner of the window, left of the Cut button.


3.1. Now the cut text will be place in its new location.


4. Now let’s Copy the second paragraph and Paste it into another document. First select the text and click the Copy button (a two sheet of paper symbol) that is on the left upper corner of the window, below the Cut button.


4.1. After that command, go to the other document.


4.2. At any time you can see the contents of the Clipboard to see whether a specific text is in there so it can be copied. You can see this by clicking on the Clipboard button in the left upper corner, below the Format Painter button.


Note: Here you can see all the items that have been recently cut or copied.

4.3. Now let’s finish the previous task and use Ctrl + V to paste the selected text on the designated spot. The text is now copied in a totally different document.


Note: Cut, Copy and Paste are some of the most useful tools in Microsoft Word, because they allow you to organise your work quickly and easily.

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