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This article is PART 2 of the Dropbox article.

Now you are in the


Dropbox folder. Inside you see another folder and one Getting Started PDF file. Both have green mark on their icon which means that these files are finished syncing with the latest changes. A green circle with check mark is thing that you’ll see most often when working with Dropbox. There are others marks too.

  • The mark tells you that the Sync is in progress.


  • The mark tells you that the folder with this sign is not syncing.


  • The mark tells you that the sync isn’t happened because of reasons like full storage quota etc.


  • The newly created folder in your main Dropbox folder has blue mark -


  • When you name the new folder the mark becomes green

18 Whenever you create or paste some folder or file in the main Dropbox folder, it is also automatically created in the Dropbox account. The main benefit of this is that you can access your Dropbox account from wherever you want if there is internet connection off course. So, you can upload and download files from your Dropbox on other computers, mobiles, etc.


To share this folder on www.Dropbox.com, right click on the folder and select he Share This Folder… tab. If it’s your first time sharing on Dropbox you will get verifying message.


Click on Send email Button.


Dropbox informs you that has sent you a verification email to your email address.


Now, there is an email sent from Dropbox in your inbox.


Click on the Get Started button. After this, you will get another email from Dropbox for verifying your email.


Click on the Verify Your Email button.


When this message appears to you, click on the Done button and finally start sharing the Dropbox folders.


Enter the email and password of your Dropbox account in the blank boxes. Check Remember Me check box so the browser can remember your password next time you Sign in at Dropbox. Click Sign In button.


After successful signing, you are on Dropbox – www.dropbox.com/home.

One of the biggest advantages of this program is that you can share folders and files with other people.

Now, right click on the folder you like to share, and select the Share this folder tab.


This dialogue box allows you to invite other members to share your folder. You can add them in the left hand side box. This means that the invited must install the program first to see the shared folder. Adding new members to this program software by your invitation, gives you opportunity to increase the Dropbox memory on your account.

Import contacts tab gives you the possibility to invite whole group of contacts from your email. Click on Share Folder button to make invitations.

When you invite someone for sharing, he receives mail from the program about your invitation.


The receiver has the option to see the folder.


This icon tells you that the folder is shared between you and some other Dropbox user.


You can use Sharing tab in your Dropbox account to see the shared folders.


Go to https://www.dropbox.com/referrals if you want to make invitations via Facebook, Tweeter etc.


There is an option to share links of files or folders with people who don’t have Dropbox installed. Right click on folder you like to share and select Share Dropbox link tab.


Then, you get message above Dropbox icon in the Windows Taskbar. The message says that the link to the folder is copied on your clipboard and you can past it wherever you want, to whoever you want. Thus, the folder or file can be seen by the receiver via link. This Dropbox icon serves for quickly entering the Dropbox folder or accessing dropbox.com. You can perform other actions too.


If you want to perform particular actions on the files, right click on file and choose share link, download, delete, rename, move, copy or previous versions. The last one gives you the history of the selected files. Via this page, you can restore it later to an older version.

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