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Microsoft Word 2013

This article covers the newest Word features which are added in version 2013. These features don’t exist in the previous versions and they are selected as the most practical for the users.

New Options Layer


When you open Word 2013, there are new set of options you can choose from, such as Open a Blank Document, Open Recent Documents, etc.

Design Tab


There are formatting options included in the new Design Tab which allow the user to format whole documents.. You can use the Themes button, then colors and fonts to format the documents. With the new options “Set as Default” you can make the customary formatting settings the default for the new documents. Although Word 2007 and 2010 have additional interesting styling features, the tools were disorderly separated all over the user’s interface and because of this their usage was rendered more difficult. In Word 2013 all these tools are on one tab, so they are easy to find.

Alignment guides


Alignment Guides show you when the object is aligned with the top of a paragraph or to a heading. The Lay Out icon -


which stands by the selected picture gives you options for interaction between the object (picture) and the text around it. With this you can move the object freely through the document without covering the text.



You can make a reply to a comment by clicking the “Comment Reply” button. This records the whole discussion in a single comment box, at a given point. In addition to this you can lock the feature for change tracking which can be unlocked only if the collaborator has the correct password..

PDF files inside Word 

Word 2013 not only allows you to open PDF document, but it also gives you the opportunity to edit it without a third party application. It also enables you to edit the data inside tables and move images all around the document. When finished, you can choose to save the document as PDF or Word file.

New Table Features


To add a new row to a table, navigate your mouse just outside the left edge of the table at the spot where you want the row to be inserted. A small “+” icon will appear and all you have to do is: just click on it and you are done. The similar icon appears when adding a new column. The new buttons for deleting on the Mini Toolbar make it extremely easy for the user to delete rows and columns. If you select a table, this delete option allows you to delete the entire table.


Select a Line Style, Line Weight, and Pen Color or choose a preset from the Border Styles list and paint the borders onto the table.


You can also sample an existing border, using the Border Sampler tool in the Border Styles panel.


Then, with the Border Sampler cursor select the border style from the table.


Use the Border Painter cursor -


to paint that style elsewhere in the table.

New File Menu

In Word 2013 there is a new file Menu which appears when you select the File tab.


When compared with the previous Word versions there is an obvious big difference: the new design and new options like Account, Share, Versions, Inspect Document and Back Button.

Present the document online

The new Office Presentation Service in Office 2013 enables you to present Word documents online, but you have to be signed into your Microsoft Account in order to use this feature. When you want to share a document choose “File” – “Share” – “Present Online” and then click the “Present Online” button to upload your document. Then you get a link you can email or share with others, if you like them to join the presentation. Collapse and expand parts of a document.
While working on a long, exhausting document, you can collapse everything aside from the part you want to focus on.


To do this, you must format the document’s headings using the built-in styles Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on.


You will see a small triangle if you move your cursor over the heading and you need to click on it if you want to collapse the body of the text and headings below.


If you want to collapse or expand all the headings in a document, right-click the heading and then click Expand/Collapse – Expand All Headings or Collapse All Headings.

SkyDrive Integration

Every document, presentation or notebook can be saved to your folder “SkyDrive“, of course, if you allow that such thing. With this you get access from any device with Internet and provides you a solid extra backup.

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