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Microsoft Excel 2013

This article is about using and editing the quick access toolbar in MS Excel 2013, which covers procedures for setting new commands, adjusting the commands in preferred order, modifying the command’s icon etc. The main strength of quick access toolbar is the possibility to easily access the commands that are not presented in the ribbon and you need to use them very frequently.

01 - quick access toolbar

The QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) is located in top left corner of the workbook window, above the File Tab. The default commands in QAT are Save, Undo and Redo – first three from left to right in the red rectangle.

02 - drop down triangle

You can add some of the most frequently used commands by clicking on the Drop Down Triangle in QAT,

03 - shortcut menu

and selecting one of the presented commands in the shortcut menu. The selected command will be added in QAT.

04 - remove button

If you want to remove some of the commands in QAT, right click on the command and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

05 - below ribbon

If you add to many commands in QAT so they cover the name of the current workbook, you can set the QAT below the ribbon with right clicking on QAT drop down arrow and selecting Show Below the Ribbon Tab.

06 - more commands

You can choose the More Commands Tab from the same menu if you want to add other commands in QAT.

07 - excel options dilaogue box

In Choose commands from box, click on the Drop Down Arrow to select different types of commands that you want to add to QAT. You can choose from the Popular Commands, Commands Not in the Ribbon, All Commands, Macros or commands from particular tabs in the ribbon. Before choosing the command, set the appearing range of the command in Customize Quick Access Toolbar box. You can select whether the command to be viewed in all Excel workbooks or in the current workbook.

After selecting the desired command, click on the Add Button, and the command will appear in the right hand side list in the Excel options dialogue box. If you want to remove the button, select the button from the right hand side list and click on the Remove Button.

08 - Modify Button

To modify the icon of the command, select the command from the list in the right hand side of Excel Options dialogue box and click on the Modify Button. From the appeared Modify Button dialogue box select the symbol that you wish to become an icon for the selected command. In Display name box write the name that will appear when you point the mouse cursor on the command in QAT and press OK. The command will appear with the symbol that you select.

With Up and Down arrow buttons in the right hand side of the Excel Options dialogue box you can change the viewing order of the commands in QAT. First, select the command you wish to move, and press the up-down arrows to move the command up or down.

Click once on the Reset Button from the Excel Options dialogue box, and then select the Reset only Quick Access Toolbar Tab to reset the customization of the QAT i.e., to get back the default commands in QAT.

Click OK in the Excel Options dialogue box to get back in the Excel workbook.

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