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Microsoft Excel 2013

This part describes the procedure for creating customized tabs, groups and commands. Also it describes few more procedures which are useful for more adequate customizing.

To create custom tab with custom groups and buttons, from the Customize the Ribbon drop down arrow select the Main Tabs option.

01 - new tab and group

Then, if you want the tab to be between Insert Tab and Page Layout Tab on the ribbon, click on the Insert item in the right sided list and do not uncheck the check box. Click on the New Tab Button to insert the new tab. Below the Insert field, you will see the newly created tab and group.

Note: The “plus” sign in front of the tab or group means that the item is expandable so you can choose more items below the main one.

02 - rename tab

To name the customized tab, right click on New Tab (Custom) and select Rename. In the Rename dialogue box, write the tab’s name by your choice and click OK. Now, repeat the renaming procedure for the New Group (Custom) which is located under the newly created tab in the right sided list from the Excel Options dialogue box.

03 - group rename

Select one of the symbols, and write the name of the group in Display name box. Then press OK. Now, you need to add buttons to the newly created group.

04 - sort ascending

In Choose commands from box select the Commands Not in the Ribbon option and select the Sort Ascending command.

05 - sort ascending added

Click the Add Button and the command will be added under the newly customized group. Before doing this, make sure that the newly created group (in my case Ascending group) is selected in the right sided list. You may repeat this procedure for adding the Sort Descending command.

To add another customized group, select any of the tabs in the right sided list and click on the New Group Button. In the same tab you can have as many groups or commands as you want.

06 - added buttons

Click OK in the Excel Options dialogue box and select the newly created tab (in my case “My Tab”) in the ribbon. The added commands will appear in the ribbon below the tabs. Now you can apply the commands on the cells from the Excel’s workbook.

Another interesting feature for customizing the tabs are the arrow buttons that are located by the ride sided list in the Excel Options dialogue box.

07 - arrows

Select any tab, group or command from the list and use the arrows to change the appearing order of the selected item.

One more interesting procedure you can do is dragging the commands from the left sided list to the groups in the right sided list in Excel Options dialogue box so you can skip the clicking on the Add Button.

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