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Microsoft Excel 2013

This article describes the customizing of the tabs and groups in the Excel’s workbook ribbon. You can create and add your own tabs, with adequate groups and buttons in it, and you can create their appearing order in the ribbon. Also you can add new groups and buttons in the existing tabs, give names to newly created elements in the ribbon, remove the existing tabs, groups or buttons etc.


This part describes:

  • Difference between tabs and groups,
  • How to collapse the ribbon,
  • The lists in Excel Options dialogue box, under the Customize Ribbon section; 

Before you make any customizing in the ribbon you need to distinguish two important elements from the ribbon – tabs and groups.

01 - tabs

Tabs are the buttons (titles) located below the quick access toolbar commands and their order is organized horizontally, starting from the File Tab on the left hand side. In the default set up of the tabs there are other tabs like Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data etc. You can change the way they appear in the ribbon and you can add new tabs. Once you click on particular tab, you can see the adequate options that are organized in groups.

02 - groups

If you click on the Home tab you will see several groups like Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number etc. Every group has its own unique set of buttons which have similar characteristics or do similar functions. In almost every group there is dialogue box button located in the bottom right corner of the group. This button opens dialogue box where you can choose other commands related to the current group. You can change the buttons and order of the groups.

03 - ribbon collapsing


If you need more space in the Excel’s workbook to see more cells i.e., rows and columns, you can collapse the ribbon with right click on any of the ribbon’s tabs and selecting the Collapse the Ribbon Tab. After this, the groups and the icons from the tabs will not be visible.

04 - check marked tab

If you want to return the collapsed ribbon, right click on any tab from the ribbon and select the check marked Collapse the Ribbon Tab.

05 - Customize ribbon

To open the Customize Ribbon section from the Excel Options dialogue box, right click on any of the ribbon’s tab and select Customize the Ribbon Tab.

06 - dialogue box

In the appeared dialogue box you can choose which command to add in the ribbon tabs.

There are two lists in the dialogue box. The left one is for choosing commands you wish to be added in the tabs or groups. The list on the right is used for customizing the ribbon, creating new tabs and groups, renaming and organizing the order of the groups and buttons in the ribbon.

For further reading go to PART 2.

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