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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

This article will show you how to create your own layout in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. This is useful because sometimes even though there are a lot of themes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 that can be used for your presentation, it may come up that what you have in mind is not in any of them.

1. The first step is to click on the View tab in the main menu and then click on the Slide Master button.


Note: Notice that Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 automatically gives you the second slide, but what you really need is the first slide or the so called Slide Master. Everything that is put on this slide will turn up on every other slide in the presentation.


2. Now let’s start the customisation by adding our own logo. In order to do that you must click on the Insert tab, then select the Picture button and from the pop up window browse and select the picture that you wish to add as you logo.


3. After inserting the logo, it would look nicer if you put it in the right top corner of the screen, next to the title. Be careful to resize it to a size that fits the presentation slide. Also, because we have put the logo next to the title, shrink the title a little bit to the left in order to fit in better with the new logo in place and not to overlap each other.


Note: It is recommendable to try several fonts and font sizes in order to see which one is the best for your presentation.

4. If you are a bit more creative you can add different shapes into the Slide Master in order the presentation to be more noticeable. Like for example, in this case I went and selected the Insert tab and then clicked on the Shapes button and opted for a rectangle which I had put in the left side of the slide and by colouring it orange, it goes well with my logo. You can play with different shapes and make the slides as you like.


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