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Microsoft Outlook 2010

How to create an e-mail signature

E-mail signatures can include text, logo or pictures and hyperlinks.

You can set it up that your signature is automatically added to the messages that you send or it can be manually added. You can create more signatures and chose which one to use in every message.

To create a signature, open new e-mail message and then in the Message tab, click on Signature and then select Signatures.


A new panel will open, click on the tab E-mail Signature and then click on New in order to create a signature.

Give your signature a name and then select OK.

In the text field located in the Edit signature part, create your signature typing the text. There you have the formatting commands for editing your text. You can insert your business card, a picture by locating it on your hard drive or hyperlink.

When your signature is finished, click OK. The signature will appear under the Select signature to edit box. If you create more signatures, there will be a list of, where you can delete, save or rename your existing signatures by first selecting a signature and then clicking on the desired button.

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Adding a signature to your messages

There are two ways of adding a signature, automatically and manually.

Automatically adding a signature is set up in Signatures and Stationary panel. Under the box Choose default signature there are three fields with dropdown boxes:

E-mail account, New messages and Replies/forwards.

In the E-mail account dropdown box select your e-mail account (in case you have more e-mail accounts connected with your Outlook) for which you want the signature(s) to apply to.

In the New messages dropdown box select your signature that will appear automatically every time you open a new message.

In the Replies/forwards dropdown box select your signature that you want to appear automatically every time you reply or forward a message.

In order to add a signature manually, click on the Message tab in the new message panel, and then click on Signatures; a dropdown list will appear with all of your created signatures. Select the desired one you want to add to your message.

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