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Microsoft Word 2010

A Flowchart is a diagram that represents a program using specific shapes to show each step of the process. Each step of the process is represented with a different shape that is interconnected with arrows to other steps. This is all done with the goal the whole process to be easily understand and more visible.

1. Open a new Microsoft Word 2010 document. Click on the Insert button in the Main Menu. Then click on Shapes and from the Flowchart menu select Flowchart Terminator which is located in the first row in the middle.


2. Now create a shape with the particular symbol we have chosen.


Note: Notice that in Design Tools tab you can play with the shape colours, background, position and effects.

3. Now let’s change the line background of the shape. Click on Shape Outline in the Shape Styles Menu. Then select black colour.


3.1. Now press the right click on your mouse on top of the shape and select Set as Default Shape. This will enable every newly created shape to be just like this on, so we won’t have to go through all the process all over again.


4. In order to type text in the shape, just right click the mouse once again on top of the shape and select Add Text.


5. Let’s add another shape by doing the same process as in point 1, just this time select the fourth icon from the first row, Flowchart Data.


Note: This allows us to enter data.

6. Now do the same process again with typing text, like previously explained in point 4.


Note: Depending on the individual Flowchart and its characteristics you can add as many shapes you need.

7. After the data is entered we should add a shape for calculation. So we copy the same process like the previous two, just this time we add the Flowchart Process, which is the first in line in the menu.


8. After the calculation is done, you may want to add another shape called a Decision Shape and you can select it just like the previous ones.


9. In order to connect the shapes we have to add an arrow, which is done like the previous process, just select one from the Lines menu.


9.1. After the line is created we should format its shape and this can be done by right clicking on it and after the Format Shape appears, you can increase the width in order to be bigger and more visible.


Note: After this is done just add several more arrows (as many as your process requires, depending on the number of shape you have) in order to connect the shapes.


10. In order to finish the process just add one more shape at the bottom and connect it with the Decision Shape in order to give the outcome if the decision is negative.


11. At the end just finish connecting all the shapes and you will have your Flowchart.

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