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Microsoft Word 2010

In this article you will read about how to create documents from templates in Microsoft Word.

Templates are predesigned documents with the basic layout, formatting and text already in place. The only thing that is needed is to replace the text and the graphics text order for the content you want to enter. All templates aren’t created equal, so you have to select the one that fits you purpose the best. You can also change a template, if you find one that is close, but doesn’t quite fulfil all your needs.

Now, let’s start learning how to create documents from templates.

1. First open a new Microsoft Word 2010 document and then click on the File tab on the left upper corner. Then chose the New tab from the ribbon and click on Sample templates.

Note: Here you would find various types of templates from different categories that were installed together with Microsoft Word 2010.


2. For our purpose we are going to select the Urban Report which you can select after scrolling through all the thumbnails.

Note: Notice that on the right side of the screen there is a preview of every template you select.


3. In the preview mode on the right side of the screen you can see that there are two options:

  • Document (create a document)
  • Template (to open a template based on this template)

In this case we want to create a report so we will select Document and click the Create button.


Note: When you look at the document you can see that it already has a structure in place and that is formatted with different styles for different elements. The template is consisted of placeholders which point out where a specific text or a specific graphic should be placed.

4. Now let’s enter the date. Once you place the cursor on top of the Pick the date placeholder a down arrow appears. Use that in order to choose the date.


5. Now let’s change the title. We can do this by placing the cursor on top of the Type the document title placeholder and selecting it. Afterwards write the title you want.


6. The same procedure is required for renaming the subtitle.


7. After scrolling down the document you will see that there is a graphic placeholder. In order to change the picture you need to click twice on it. The first click captures the photo and the Caption below it and the second click will capture only the photo.


7.1. Now right click on the photo and select Change Picture.


7.2. In the Insert picture box that appear browse and select the picture you want to insert.


7.3. Now our photo has taken the place of the template photo.


8. Now the only thing left is to save the document. For this purpose go to the File tab and click Save and give the document a name.


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