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Yahoo! Mail is free email (electronic mail) service launched in 1997 by the American search engine company Yahoo! and today it has 281 million users around the world. This puts Yahoo! in the third place on the list of the largest web-based email services.

Yahoo! allows you to send and receive emails from all over the globe. All you need is a computer, Internet connection and a Web browser (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_browser), and of course your own Yahoo! ID (Identity), that is, your own account (http://www.softwareask.com/create-your-own-e-mail-for-total-beginners/).

Once you’ve created an account here are some SIMPLE STEPS you can follow:

1. Once you Signed In into your Yahoo! account, you need to press the “New” or “Compose” button to create a new message:

Slika 1

2. By pressing “Compose” you go to the field “To” where you shall write the email address of the recipient which usually consists of contact’s email name followed by the “at” sign (@) and the contact’s email domain.

Or more email addresses, separated with a comma or semicolon. (A space between addresses is optional.)

Slika 2

2.1.   If the recipient is already in your Contact list then you should press the button on the right of the “To” field, “Add recipients”:

Slika 3

TIP: Yahoo! offers Address AutoComplete feature which displays the email addresses from your Yahoo! Address Book that match the first letters you have typed.So type one, two or three letters and select the address you want from the list that appears automatically.

3. Write your message!  Your message includes subject, a short description about the purpose of the message, and the message text. The “Subject” field is optional, but nevertheless gives the recipient clue about what is the message about. In the text bow, under the toolbar type your message.

TIP: Signature text, which appears at the bottom of all your outgoing email messages, is a very useful feature on Yahoo! and it adds a really personal or professional touch to your messages. It could be your name, profession, a favorite quote, anything you like. You create the Signature by choosing the Options button and then Signature button.

Slika 4


Also you can read how to use the Yahoo Notepad and the Yahoo Calendar.


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