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Every computer user knows that having a good antivirus program is a must. But every computer user can’t afford to buy antivirus software. That’s why a lot of companies have launched free antivirus program in order to help and empower users, and give them the necessary protection with no costs at all.

The list below, consists the top 5 best free anti-virus software programs for online as well as offline security of your computer system (home, office, business systems)

1. Avast! Free Antivirus

Avast offers more features than any other free antivirus, full real-time features which include web, email, IM, P2P and network shields, boot-time scanning and behavioral blocking. Alongside the new features, is a Sandbox for automatic walling off suspicious programs; complementary shields that guard against scripts, P2P networks, IM and potentially dangerous program behaviour; a silent/gaming mode; on demand boot scanning; and data output of stats for data nerds.




I had the chance to test some of the reputable antivirus software applications and thus I wanted to share my impressions with everyone. We have tested BitDefender, Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 and F-Secure, which are three of the most wanted applications. There are many interesting conclusions that can be drawn from these tests.

We will start by analysing the BitDefender antivirus first. This is the application that really stands out from the crowd of many antivirus applications that have flooded the market. The newest version that came up in 2013 is especially worth having it, because you will be 100% positive that your computer system will be safe all the time and will resist all attacks like viruses, keyloggers, rootkits and many harmful programs. If it is a comfort reputable test labs like AV-Test and West Coast Labs approve it for usage. The installation is pretty much simple, and the software has a simple user interface that will guide you through all the steps. Keep in mind that the software offers a pre-installation scan of your computer system, and will clean your system once it is finished. It is advisable to use the recommended settings when you are installing the software. When the software is installed, you will see a popup screen like the one presented on figure 1.




The question that runs through every computer user’s mind it that “Is my PC safe? ” Considering the fact that most times they are not protected because every day new viruses and malware are born, so despite vendor’s claims, no single antivirus solution, or indeed any one security software, can be relied upon for total protection without safe surfing and computing practices; we need the best antivirus software to put our fears and question to sleep. Antivirus is produces daily, and the market is being bombarded with numerous solutions, some free some paid for, making the users confused and not sure which product is best. Some meet the expectations others do not, which leave the user vulnerable to virus, malware and spyware attacks.

That why I am writing this article to enlighten PC users on the TOP BEST AND PAID ANTIVIRUS software for 2012. This is the list: