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Today we live very fast. We don’t have time to write a letter on paper and wait for 5 days to get the message to the right address and to the right man.

We use computers to send message. We can do that in many ways but one of the fastest way is to write the message and send it through internet. You can write e-mail message but the fastest way is to send that message through Skype.

We have learned in the previous text how to make your Skype account (link do how to install skype) and how to make a call through Skype.

Writing messages on Skype is very easy.



Skype  and the connection with the people from all of the world is done ! Through Skype you can communicate with your parents that live in another country, make calls to your coworkers through the world, make new friendships. It is a very useful tool and it is very easy to use it. At first you need to download and install Skype. You can download it from this page http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/. This is the official site for Skype. You can download it and install Skype like an application on your MAC, or mobile phone.



Let us save you time and give you shortly the top reasons why Skype should be your right choice.

1. It is easy to install and use.

All you need to do is visit the website www.skype.com and download the free software, get a computer, headphones or equivalent and an Internet connection.

2. You can make telephone calls through your computer.

But wait! When you hear this you’ll surely make your definite choice:  All of this Is available FREE of charge.

Skype has broken many barriers to communication. In the past you needed to care about the minutes and seconds you spend speaking on international calls, but Skype put an end to this. You no longer need to bother with counting minutes, if you use Skype for PC to PC communication. You need to pay nothing more than the monthly Internet service which you pay anyway, even without using Skype. With Skype you get unlimited and totally free calls, only if the other person is using Skype too.



Missing your dear ones abroad? Want to talk to them and hear their voice no matter how far they are?

All you need to do is visit www.skype.com and install the free software, buy a microphone and you are on the right way to success. Skype gives you the opportunity to make calls over the Internet to people from all over the world!

Skype is perhaps the most popular Voice over IP (voice over Internet Protocol, that is a method for providing voice communication over the Internet) service and one more example of a product taking a full advantage of the new up-to-date technology. Being introduced in August 2003 by Estonian and Swedish developers, Skype developed into a platform of 600 millions users and was bought by Microsoft in 2011.

Skype functions on a peer-to-peer and client-server system which allows you to communicate with your peers by voice using microphone, by video using web camera and instant messaging via Internet.