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Google Drive

All those fancy and overpriced forms where people fill up surveys or questionnaires are now history thanks to Google Drive. Building web forms for your business or your specific needs has never been easier, and the best thing is that you do not need coding to build a great looking and responsive web form, that will gather the results you need. In this article we will describe how you can build a great web form. We developed a web form for a company that asked us for help, regarding the problem of tracking their clients. We built an online system that gathers data about patients and sorts the data according a given algorithm that the user defines. Google Drive web forms uses a software that is similar to Excel as database, so if you know Excel you won’t have any troubles building any forms.

The first step is to open your Google account and head up to the Google Drive menu. You will see a new screen will popping up, where the user is asked to make a selection between several choices like, Folder, Document, Spreadsheet, Form or Drawing. Our choice is Form. We have made a graphical presentation so everyone could see what has to be done.


Google Docs

Many years now, that is for almost a decade we have all pretty much used Microsoft Word for our word processing needs, but now that the IT market is so extended and has faced a lot of changes, new options are becoming very popular.

Until recently there was simply no alternative to the Microsoft Office applications. If you wanted a document typed up and edited, there was Microsoft Word and if you wanted to tabulate your accounts, there was Microsoft Excel. To make a presentation to clients, you would have used Microsoft PowerPoint.

But then a new option came to the spotlight: Google Docs promising multi-user collaboration, e-mail integration and cloud access.

Microsoft Office offers a wide range of functions and tasks and perhaps a key advantage of Microsoft Office is that, unlike its competitors, the applications function perfectly without an Internet connection. Data is kept local and centralized, calming many concerns about security and fidelity.


Google Docs

This is a continuation of PART 1 of this article.

We need two more images, but we don’t have any more on our computer. We have the URL of another image and we can use that to insert it. Let’s move down to the end of the third paragraph for our next image. This is where we want the second image to appear. Instead of using the insert menu, let’s use the insert image button on the toolbar.



Google Docs

This article will show you how to insert images into Google Documents. Sometimes writers want to illustrate a point they are making or break up a large section of text and adding an image to a document isn’t easy way to accomplish either of these goals.

If you use Google Documents you will find it includes tools that make it easy to insert images you have on your computer or find on the web.

We have entered some text into this file, but now we need to insert some images. Let’s move our insertion point to the place in our document we would like the first image to appear. For our first one, we want it placed before the second paragraph which begins with “Perhaps”.

We have a photograph of a gondola on our desktop that we would like to add to our document. To begin, we need to open the insert menu and then use the image command.