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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free Web browser created by Google which operates with WebKit (a layout engine software component designed to allow web browsers to replicate web pages) layout engine, starting from its latest stable release.

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This article will show you the best methods for searching in Google, like searching phrases, books, definitions, images and maps. Google is a great tool for finding information on the Internet that you can use. With it you can search the entire World Wide Web for any topic. But what if you’re looking for information not from the entire web, but from a particular source, Google can also help you. Google provides a number of search utilities that help you find information from specific sources allowing you to confine your results to those sources that are most interesting for you.

1. Google Scholar represents a good example of Google Search Types and finding the right literature for your essay, thesis, etc. In Google Scholar you will be able to search through millions of books, papers, abstracts, articles, documents from NGO’s and Universities, preprint repositories and whatever else you can think of from the world of literature and science.




This article will show you how to better filter Google searches by explaining the search preferences you can set and the filtering options you have to have in mind when searching through Google.

Google’s vast catalogue of index Web Pages is a large part of what makes it such a popular tool for finding information on the Internet. Sometimes, however this means that a keyword search we typed in may eventually return hundreds or in some cases even thousands of suggested websites, many of which are not what you want.

Google offers several methods of how to filter your Web searches which could help you significantly in narrowing your search scope just to those websites that give the best results of the topic you are searching for.

1. You can set your Google search preferences by clicking the Preferences hyperlink, next to the search box on Google’s main page.