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While searching for the best antivirus software applications, we decided to test the newest security applications from ESET. ESET as a company always keeps up with the newest trends and reveals new and reliable applications. That is the case with their newest products that came out on the market this year.

For non-business users they have announced two new applications. The first one is called ESET Smart Security 6, and is actually all in one application that contains features like Location tracking, Anti-theft diagnostics, Laptop activity watching, Personal firewall, Out-of-home network, Anti phishing, Anti spyware, Antivirus, Parental control, and many more. All of these features come for free with a single user license. This fact really surprised us a lot. As we were installing the software, we must say that is the easiest application to install on any computer and of course any platform. It works smoothly on any OS that is currently used. With the new Location tracking and Laptop activity features, users can mark the device, track it on a map and watch the thieves via the built-in camera. With the Personal firewall feature your content is kept secure from unauthorized access. Anti-phishing and Antispam features protect your sensitive information like usernames, passwords, bank accounts, and filter your email inbox. The Antivirus and Antispyware are the features that are of biggest concern. We tested these features thoroughly and concluded that ESET found all the threats and cleaned the system for a very quick period. It provides protection from online and offline threats and doesn’t allow malware to spread on other users.