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All those fancy and overpriced forms where people fill up surveys or questionnaires are now history thanks to Google Drive. Building web forms for your business or your specific needs has never been easier, and the best thing is that you do not need coding to build a great looking and responsive web form, that will gather the results you need. In this article we will describe how you can build a great web form. We developed a web form for a company that asked us for help, regarding the problem of tracking their clients. We built an online system that gathers data about patients and sorts the data according a given algorithm that the user defines. Google Drive web forms uses a software that is similar to Excel as database, so if you know Excel you won’t have any troubles building any forms.

The first step is to open your Google account and head up to the Google Drive menu. You will see a new screen will popping up, where the user is asked to make a selection between several choices like, Folder, Document, Spreadsheet, Form or Drawing. Our choice is Form. We have made a graphical presentation so everyone could see what has to be done.

google web forms 1

After you have selected the Form option, the next step is to choose the layout of the form which you can choose among the many templates that Google offers. We have prepared this tutorial with step by step instructions. This step is presented on figure 2. When you choose the form, Google will ask you to insert a name for your form.

google web forms 2

After you have chosen your form, comes the hard part. You have to plan your form, with the questions and types of answers that you want to gather. Try to make the questions as simple as you can. Visitors can type the answers of the questions in options like: Multiple choice, Text, Paragraph, Check boxes and Choose from a list option. These are the most common options for answers that developers use. This step is presented on figure 3.

google web forms 3

We have provided a practical example with our own Google Drive web form that we developed for a specific company. Because the authentic web form contains a lot of questions, we will only show the basics, and leave the rest to your imagination. On figure 4 we have presented only part of the web form.

google web forms 4

Employees fill the form and at the end they click submit. The form gathers all the results in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains information that is filled on the web form. At the left of the spreadsheet you can see that it also contains information about the time and date when the form was filled. The spreadsheet that gathers the results that you would need is presented on figure 5.

google web forms 5

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