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Every computer user knows that having a good antivirus program is a must. But every computer user can’t afford to buy antivirus software. That’s why a lot of companies have launched free antivirus program in order to help and empower users, and give them the necessary protection with no costs at all.

The list below, consists the top 5 best free anti-virus software programs for online as well as offline security of your computer system (home, office, business systems)

1. Avast! Free Antivirus

Avast offers more features than any other free antivirus, full real-time features which include web, email, IM, P2P and network shields, boot-time scanning and behavioral blocking. Alongside the new features, is a Sandbox for automatic walling off suspicious programs; complementary shields that guard against scripts, P2P networks, IM and potentially dangerous program behaviour; a silent/gaming mode; on demand boot scanning; and data output of stats for data nerds.


2. Avira AntiVir Personal

Avira Antivir Personal is very popular and in spite of the negative press is still a top notch antivirus scanner with outstanding detection rates of malware, higher than almost every other antivirus according to tests. Yet, there are some minor reservations. – Avira AntiVir does not include web or e-mail scanning capabilities, meaning it won’t warn you of infected emails before you open them. Also, AntiVir contains a rather intrusive advertisement every time it updates.


3. Panda Cloud Antivirus

The detection level is mostly very high, but based on the latest test data, detection of zero day threats is slightly lower. Panda Cloud Antivirus has a behavioural blocker and internet protection, which will definitely increase your security. Panda scan is light, soft and it gets updated automatically through its ‘cloud technique’, so you are least bothered about updating it and it keeps providing security to your system without you even noticing it. But it has this feature of the automatic quarantine making it a little problematic.


4. Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials can brag about its great detection rates especially for rootkits, and the very few false positives. It doesn’t need much resources and is a good choice for removing existing malware.

It has an option for automatic update and threat removal. The biggest downsides are slow scanning and long periods of time required to quarantine malware. The bad thing is, MSE also is not available in certain countries.


5. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Although this antivirus hasn’t been good at detecting threats in the past, now it offers a much improved level of protection. We owe this to the incorporation of a fully fledged behavioral blocker that presents the “Identity Protection”, which gives the user an important added layer of protection. Unfortunately AVG free has grown considerably in size, has very slow scan speeds and also advertisements.


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