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This tutorial describes the usage of basic buttons in Microsoft Word 2010, that are essential for successful work in the Word documents.

01 Toolbar

1. Font:    02 Font

The selection of the font can effect the way others readers read your text, either on the monitor or in print. Example: It is proven that the font Arial appearances better, while the font Times New Roman is much clear in the print version of the documents.

If you want to choose a font for your text, first you need to select that text and then you need to select a font from the font menu.

2. Font size

03 Font size

During writing, you need to choose between writing the text with larger letters or with smaller. For choosing the desired size, first you need to select the text and then to choose one font size from the font size command in the font menu.

3. Grow Font

04 Grow font

Grow Font button is used for increasing the font size.

4. Shrink Font  (Ctrl + <)

05 Shrink font

Shrink Font button is used for decreasing the font size.

5. Change Case

06 Change Case

Change Case is used for changing all the selected text to UPPESCASE, lowercase, or other common capitalisations.

Ex.  Europe   europe   EUROPE   eUROPE

6. Clear Formatting

07 Clear Formatting

Clear formatting button is used to clear all the formatting from the selection, leaving only the plain text.

7. Bullets

08 Bullets

You can use this button when you want to start a bulleted list. Click the arrow to choose different bullet styles.

For example:   I have visited four countries this winter:

  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg

8. Numbering

09 Numbering

You can use this button to start a numbered list. Click the arrow to choose different numbering formats.

For example:   I have visited four countries this winter:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Austria
  3. Germany
  4. Luxembourg

9. Multilevel List

10 Multilevel List

You can use this button to start a multilevel list. Click the arrow to choose different multilevel list styles.

10. Decrease Indent

11 Decrease Indent

Decreases the indentation of the paragraph (to the left).

11. Increase Indent

12 Increase Indent

Increases the indentation of the current selection (to the right).

12. Sort

13 SortAlphabetizes the selected text or sort numerical data.

13. Bold:

14 Bold

Places the text in bold.               Example:   Europe

14. Italic:    

15 Italic

Places the text in italics.             Ex:   Europe

15. Underline:

16 Underline

Underlines the text.                     Ex.   Europe

16. Strikethrough

17 Striketrough

You choose this button when you want to draw a line through the middle of the selected text.

Ex:       Europe

17. Subscript

18 Subscript

For creating small letters below the text baseline.

Ex.  (mostly used for mathematical formulas  Xt+1= k xt (1 – xt))

18. Superscript

19 Superscript

For creating small letters above the line of the text.

Ex.  ( mostly used for mathematical formulas E= mc2 )

19. Text Effects

20 Text Effects

With Text Effects button you can apply a visual effect to the selected text, such as a shadow, glow or reflection.

20. Text Highlight Color

21 Text Highlight Color

Highlight the selected text (it looks like it was marked with highlighter pen). The default color is yellow.

21. Font Color 

22 Font Color

Change the font color; the default/automatic color is black.

22. Align Text Left

23 Align Text Left

Aligns the selected text to the left of the screen/paper.

23. Center

24 Center

Aligns the selected text to the center of the screen/paper.

24. Align Text Right

25 Align Text Right

Aligns the selected text to the right of the screen/paper.

25. Justify

26 Justify

Aligns the selected text to both the left and right of the screen/paper.

26. Line and Paragraph Spacing

27 Line and Paragraph Spacing

Adjust the line spacing (single-spaced, double-spaced, etc.)

27. Shading

28 Shading

Shading button is used for coloring the background behind the selected text or paragraph.

28. Bottom Border

29 Bottom Border

This button draw a margin around the current selection. You need to click on the drop down arrow and choose between different offered options.

Now, you are ready to start create and modify the text in your documents.

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